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I imagine you're wondering who all these crazy mooks are invading your game... Well, some of them don't know either! WHOOPS!

Sabra la Tau was a panfandom rp on inksome (and then insanejournal) dealing heavily with memory loss, with some similarly grimdark themes. It ran for about three years and was heavily plot and game/event based.

Everyone woke up in a tiny, barely furnished room, without any memories at all. All they know in the start is that they did this willingly for something important and that the ONLY people that they can trust in this world are the ones just outside that door and NO ONE ELSE.

Living conditions were close and very survivalist, with team identities becoming very strong and very much a factor in their opinions of each other. There was no sun, vegetation could be as deadly as the game (DINOSAURS), and no one could find anything like a way out, or even a clearly laid out explanation of what the heck they were even there FOR. On top of that, in order to get their memories back - and eventually a wish - they had to compete in games against each other to win them.

Another group, living with better conditions on the terms that they directly served the Judge's whims, were an enforcement group... and house a very, very wide range of personalities from easy going to very sadistic. They were in charge of enforcing the rules.

Very quickly it would become very obvious that things weren't right here. The Judges - gods of Sabra la Tau - were absolutely insane, many of the games were brutal and encouraged infighting and in some cases, some very spectacular, long standing grudges. People were being eaten alive by the stone and apparently have been for some time.

The people, known as Blanks, pieced together, and eventually even lived out a small slice of, the history of this world... and the fact that it was coming to an end. They were in the stomach of an angry, undead god who just wanted to die, and OOPS, we're all keeping him alive. And outside of him was an angry, explosive sun goddess who wanted to finish burning up her world properly.

And the rebellion began. Some Judges, tired of this act aided them, others stood against, still loyal to the King. Others continued their merry games completely oblivious, and then someone let Death back in the door. (He's a nice guy dude, it's cool.)

So enough babbling about plot. You can probably get a lot of detail and perspective from the characters POVs if you're interested! HERE'S WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT, what those team things mean, and those odd, universal idiosyncrasies...

TEAM SOLIDARITY - Almost anyone wearing a single color will probably naturally gravitate to each other. Sabra forced cross canon CR right out the door, and created an environment where the characters were deeply tied to each other. Which leads to...

COLORS - Most Sabra people will be wearing all one, or possibly a mix of two colors (teams were partnered together mid game). Uniforms come in a variety of styles and fashions, but as that blanks only got THREE they tend to be heavily patched, occasionally very bloody, and generally in need of replacing.

NAMES - Names are very highly bound to identity in Sabra, and a decision to use your birth name, when you remembered it could be something of a big deal. Going from one life to another. In the same respect, many have adopted their Sabra names as their identities, knowing they've changed too much from their old selves, or just out of simply being more used to that name. It was revealed later that true names have power themselves...

MEMORIES - So, we didn't have them, and went through hell and back... sometimes for weeks before we got our first memory back. They weren't in order. They didn't always make sense, often they were misleading and every rare now and then, outright wrong or from another life when Weaver was involved (a warped dying/dead Judge who showed them the past). The characters you meet have sometimes entirely developed in a team environment before getting their first memory, or gotten significant, formative memories with no idea why or what it meant. In short, their timelines were punched, tattooed and then got a little drunk. It's amazing we're as functional as we are.

EVIL MIRROR CLONES - Doubles of yourself might... not be taken well.

MIRRORS - One of the most infamous Judges, who managed to cause a rather huge emotional rift in the teams, was known for mind games and 'experiments.' She would steal away characters and replace them with a copy of themselves (or in one case, send in a brainworm that takes over your body and lets you watch what they do.) Most Blanks are somewhat wary if not mildly terrified of reflective surfaces, even though Mirror herself was restored and changed.

SPIDERS - THE CALLING CARD of another rather terrifying Judge. Revealed to be oddly sympathetic by the time he was killed (and a major factor in the blank's rebellion), Surgeon was still responsible for several nightmarish and traumatizing games and penalties.

CANNIBALISM - No one really MEANS to it. Just happens sometimes :)

KNOCKING - If given a chance and a door with a lock on it, no Sabra character will ever let someone in a door without them knocking and identification. The dorms were set up so that unless you were patroned to a god, they couldn't get in unless invited. There's a pretty healthy set of paranoia surrounding it.

CENTIPEDES - Ours could eat you alive in a few seconds.

THE DARK - ... actually most denizens of Sabra probably have extremely keen night vision by now, but TRUE darkness is associated with being horrible lost and in terrible danger from EVERYTHING. Including the very ground you walk on.

DEATH AND DYING - You will probably find that many from Sabra are very, VERY okay with killing if forced to, and are particularly good hunters, very willing to taste test, and can cook over a spit in a pinch. But they're also really good at getting your vitals if they need to and ANY means justifies the ends for SOME teams. However, there's also an odd morality about it, and many honestly could not, and would be revolted at the idea of killing outside of a game. Similarly, they are somewhat blase about dying themselves... many far more afraid of losing a limb or crippling injury than a mortal wound.

TATOOS - Death is temporary. Tattoos are forever.

ANAGRAMS - IF IT'S A PUZZLE, anagrams are always the answer!

You may also find that a lot of people refer to each other as being a member of a team as if that really explains everything about them. TO THE CHARACTERS (and to many players) IT SURE DOES. Let me give you a quick and dirty breakdown of the teams, their colors, their symbols and what in general they were like. (the amount of descriptions will vary a lot by how much I know of the teams)

Vulpecula - Orange/Fox - Vulpecula are scrappy. They're sneaky, cunning and down to earth when they need to be. Boastful, over the top and playful when the mood takes them as well. They're all kind of prudish and hoarders to the last. They are excellent hunters, and were extremely good at preserving foods. Vulps are trouble magnets of the highest degree and sometimes can just have the WORST LUCK, but they're also one of the most ruthless teams in games, and are damn unapologetic about it thank you very much. Which has fostered a great deal of wariness if not outright dislike about the team. They are EXTREMELY codependent with Hydra. A-and have no other close teams.

Hydra - Lime green/Hydra - When it comes to ruthlessness in games, Hydra is WAY up there at the top. They will do what it takes to protect their own and that's the beginning and the end of the story. They are fiercely loyal to each other, extremely opinionated and very prone to profanity. They specialized in poisons and were patroned to one of the big bad Judges of Sabra in order to keep Vulpecula safe. They are inventors, and particularly good hunters, unwilling to rely on others... but around each other, they're kind of fun loving balls of dere. They are well known for being crazy, loud, violent, risk takers, unpredictable and headstrong. They are GREAT to have on your side, and dangerous to have against you. They are extremely codependent with Vulpecula and have a very long, twisted list of allies, enemies, rivals and It's Complicated relationships with other teams.

Pyxis - Red/Compass - TEAM SHOUNEN TARD. One thing you may notice right off about this team is that they are super. SUPER cool about punching you in the face. In fact, that is kind of the answer to almost any life problem ever. Older members of Pyxis are particularly hardy versus poison because they exclusively ate Bianchi(reborn)'s cooking for a long, long time. By the time they realized what was knocking them out at every meal, they were so used to it, and screw it, it's tasty!! Pyxis are headstrong, stubborn, tend to take the physical route and are extremely impressed with big weapons, explosions and hair metal bands. In general, if it's FUN Pyxis is THERE. Pyxis were SUPERBROS with Cygnus, and haven't still quite warmed up the same way to Apus.

Cygnus - Pink/Swan - This team got off to something of an amazing start. After one particularly emotional, deadly game, they and Hydra were part of one of the first deep schisms between teams in a game. Dividing many on their allegiances, Cygnus did what they had to do and if it meant dooming someone else, well that's just what had to be done, sadly. In particular, Grape lead the first revolt against the King, ill fated, and before its time, as it was. After that, they were kind of a yandere team, that eventually faded until the earth ate everything, dorm and all.

Apus - Hot Pink/Bird of Paradise - The newest kid on the block, Apus is social, a little naive and a lot disconnected with many of the old rivalries and prejudices that many of the first teams hold, and haven't lived long through the worst of the worst. They are very social, helpful, crafty and nosy. It's really hard to dislike Apus. (unless you're a tsundere). An Apus can often be found in the proximity of the nearest tsuntsun character, ignoring all the subtle messages to leave cheerfully.

Monoceros - White/Unicorn - T-the invisible team. For all the personality they have, and they have a lot... Monoceros gets forgotten a lot. You'd think in a game where you make horrible choices against each other that would be a benefit. Nope, most people think of Monoceros when they think of "Okay, what team ... woooont mess up our alliance right now? MONOCEROS! SEND THEM RAPTORS!" Even so, Monoceros sort of trudges through it, head held high, pointing out the idiocy of others, and occasionally getting really REALLY drunk. They were very regularly taken by the earth for a long period, and very often used to bad end in games... Bossed around, intimidated many times, they took the high road... and Mirror as a patron, one of the most terrifying Judges in sabra and kind of tamed her through alcohol and love. They are extremely deredere for Lepus.

Lepus - Brown/Rabbit - Ruthless, crazy, dark and a little mad, they have good reason to be. Also something of an outcast, and extremely targeted in many bad games, they took the low road when Mono took the high road. They do not trust and in some cases, defiantly fear others. Demons, assassins, undead dolls, winged kings and other strange characters were right at home in Lepus and they do truly enjoy the macabre and the sciency aspects of life. They were the patron team of Surgeon and for a while, had Invader ZIM living up on their roof. They do not trust, or do it very slowly, are very insular and are extremely protective of Monoceros (who feeds them and keeps things tidy.)

Cepheus - Purple/Crown - TEAM BROCIOPATH. TEAM SWEDEN. For a greater part of the game, Cepheus was a team that was staunchly neutral, rarely targeted and generally well liked. Friendly, having a wealth of information and always willing to share that knowledge to anyone who asked, it was no surprise they eventually were patroned to a Judge known as the Librarian. For a great part of the time, they were half SUPER BROS and half loyal sociopaths who occasionally sleep berried the rest of the team for bad games. Not really codependent with any team, they did finally settle down with Lacerta fairly well.

Lacerta - Forest green/Lizard - TEAM HALF BREED, team sparkliejesuspants, Lacerta has a somewhat wild set of personalities, but in the end, they are known for being very affectionate, DEEPLY caring and often, and in many ways, very self sacrificing. On the other hand, they are strong (and sometimes ruthless) barterers and traders, keeping a good supply of alcohol and rare, precious salt. Healers and herbalists (often working closely with Hydra), they are a very practical team to go to for help or shelter. They rarely hold many prejudiced but are often full of FEELINGS AND TEARS. Lacerta's another one of those teams that's super hard to hate. In fact, they're so accepted to be universally liked, that everyone assumed someone else was protecting them in a dangerous game. OOPSIE! Lacerta loves ALL THE TEAMS. Even you.

Canis - Dark blue/dog - The powerhouse. Canis is a force of nature unto itself and it tries very, very hard to be an hero even if it doesn't always come naturally or smoothly, especially with old grudges and long lines of misunderstandings. In a way, because of how powerful Canis is, they have it the hardest, simply because others assume they can 'take it' in games, or simply find it hard to emotionally empathize with because they seem so ABLE in every day life. As a result, Canis can be very reserved and withdrawn, but will always be there to lend a hand if they can when Shit Gets Real.

Ursa - Brown/Bear - GRUMPY BEARS. They are generally pretty calm seeming and go with the flow. But man they do have a WICKED temper when riled up. Ursa has some level of cray cray, no exceptions. Determined, serious, patient, but a little irritable too.

Orion - Yellow/Club and pelt - When Orion was fresh to the world, they were ready to take it on. With a charismatic leader and strong, warrior women, they seemed pretty likely to do just that. But one day, they were an hero during the wrong game and publicly threw the game as a big fuck you to the Judges. They gave a fuck you back, that the team never actually recovered from. Now shifty, sly and extremely untrusting of ANY others.. Orion probably is the most terrified of the Judges and the ones most determined to see the gods die in their own flames. They are ruthless, biting, sarcastic and overwhelmingly practical... they are partners with Cetus, but it is an odd, tsundere marriage.

Cetus - EYEBLINDING BLUE/Sea monster - TEAM HEADMONSTER. Okay, Cetus is loud, extremely crazy and prone to the violent solution when it comes right down to it. They're not quite shounen in all of those aspects though. They are a little over the top, a little broken, and a bit moe when you get right down to it. They are also very, very well known for giving each other some of the worst names in Sabra.

Pavo - Violet/Peacock - TEAM FABULOUS. They are team Jesus with better, AMAZING fluffy touch it all day hair. They are universally understanding, full of NON COMBATANTS (one of the few teams that is), and are the fixers and builders of Sabra. They create not just items, but some of the larger structures and quality of life improvements for everyone to enjoy. It's really hard not to be topped by a Pavo and how much they LOVE YOU RIGHT NOW. They are codependent and ruthlessly cuddle Delphinus.

Delphinus - Light blue/Dolphin - SRS DOLPHIN. Characters on Delphinus come from some really, really hard lives and gosh its hard to remind them what fun is. They tend to be very polite if a little standoffish from others. They are very codependent on each other and have some very large issues with betrayal, they are also one of the teams on the forefront of the rebellion, in one way or another, helping move things along. Delphinus is very good at pies, soap, and shanking things.

Corvus - Wine purple/Crow -
Lynx - Grey/Lynx - ... actually I think of them SO MUCH as a group, that it's hard to distinguish them. They are possibly the only team more codependent than Bunnycorn (Monoceros and Lepus) and Hydracula (Vulpecula and Hydra) they are almost a matched set. Corvus kids in general are military kids or good, loyal followers willing to shank on command. Lynx are the thinkers and strategists who mother Corvus (and tell them when- and when not to- get their shanking on.)

Ophiuchus - BLACK- OPHIUCHUS is the enforcer teams who sold themselves to the Judges. They enjoy a nice, easy life provided they enforce the various rules of Sabra and make the Blanks do little tasks and games to give the Judges power boosts.

Uroboros - The snake devouring its own tail - Uroboros are trolls of a different color. Canny, manipulative and in their own ways a little terrifying and crazy, they were the first team with members to publicly defect and rebel against the Judges.

Caduceus - The twined snake - TEAM BADASS. Caduceus are generally powerhouses with very complicated feelings about their roles. Of all of Ophiuchus, they seem to form the deepest connections with people on normal blank teams, either by association or already having one from another life. They quietly acted as double/triple agents, with their loyalties being ultimately to their Important People.

Uraeus - The hooded snake - Uraeus are trolls. Sadistic to SOME level or another, they really REALLY enjoyed their jobs. More than a little crazy, quite a bit warped, they had fun, were a little retarded but in general were very, VERY good at what they did. And if they had to feed someone to the snake. WELL at least it made the boss happy. Uraeus tended to be very loyal because, dude, why not? This is where the lulz are.

Old!Sabra OCs - As you are getting some of these, I'll try to explain who and what they are as well as I can. In Sabra, the timestream was all plugged up and rotten. LIFE WAS FLOWING IN, but it wasn't going anywhere. Could not recycle, just building up into a festering zombie pool of the dead from FOREVER BACK.

The most important thing to know about the Old!Sabra versions is that they are not canon AU... they're actually a character based upon the Sabra versions of a canon character who have grown up in a fantasy world with NO semblance to the canon world whatsoever.

In short, they are original, fantasy world characters based on the canon characters and using them as PB. It's actually even a plot point how these souls were DIFFERENT people who resonated strongly enough to latch on and reform themselves with you.

One thing I would like to add on this is that these characters have a NOVEL'S worth of backstory, culture, prejudices, relationships and other play. I'm not even exaggerating, the amount that the players wrote about this world in a WEEK far exceeded a successful NaNoWriMo entry.

It's rich, it's diverse, it's quirky, but at the point where it's an AU of an AU it probably diverges far enough to be it's own thing.

ANYTHING ELSE BROS? Comment to add it.

Also yes, I DID have to post it with this journal.


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